Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Birmingham

At the moment I'm in Birmingham, visiting family. I am with my mum and two sisters and we are staying in a hotel called Hotel Britannia, which is quite good. We went to Stratford Upon Avon with my aunt, cousin and second cousin. We had quite a few sweets and an ice cream each. Then, we went on a short ferry ride.
On the topic of the micronation, Iridia, which I visited today, there are now five members, up from about three last Thursday. I have stated my intention to work on the Iridian conlang, which I will do after my GCSE exams ( hopefully). If I can, I shall try to make it as original as possible and maybe it should look naturalistic. I was thinking about doing a verb system similar to Japanese, which expresses positivity and negativity. Also, maybe I could conjugate verbs according to the object, rather than according to the subject ( if that is possible).
I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog; in the future, I moight publish some poems, which I wrote before. I also realised that I used the wrong word for 'to live' in Esperanto; I used vivas instead of logxas.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ce que je fais

Je suis désolé que je n'aie rien écrit depuis beaucoup de mois, mais il y a beaucoup de choses, que j'ai du faire. Mes deux soeurs ont eu leurs anniversaires; une d'abord du mois et une au fin du mois. Une avait six ans l'autre avait quatorze ans.
Au moment, je suis aux vacances, mais bientôt, je devrais passer mes examens, qui s'appellent GCSEs. Aussi, il y a deux jours, j'ai joint une micronation, qui s'appelle Iridia. Visitez http://www.freewebs.com/empireofiridia/index.htm. Je pense en devenir ministre du langue parce que on doit créer un langue construit et, comme on peut voir par mon "blog", je m'intéresse pour langues. Si vous joignez ce micronation ci, vous pourriez avoir un job du pouvoir.

These weeks

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but it's been a busy few months; I haven't had time to write in my diary either. At the start of March my youngest sister was six and my other sister, who is younger then I am, was fourteen at the end of March. on that day, I went on a maths trip, which my maths teacher organised. It was about maths in the el world and the talk was done by someone called Stephen Shepherd ( I think). the surname was definitely Shepherd. He did Maths, further maths, chemistry, physics and biology at university and now designs buildings, such as the Emirates stadium.
two days ago, I joined Iridia, a micronation. It needs citizens, so maybe you could join it. I might try to become the minister of language, as you have to design a conlang and I'm nterested in languages. Its website is: http://www.freewebs.com/empireofiridia/
On the topic of languages. I have had my first go at translation, as I had to translate a German manual into English for my Granddad's neighbours. I hope that I have done it well.