Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Birmingham

At the moment I'm in Birmingham, visiting family. I am with my mum and two sisters and we are staying in a hotel called Hotel Britannia, which is quite good. We went to Stratford Upon Avon with my aunt, cousin and second cousin. We had quite a few sweets and an ice cream each. Then, we went on a short ferry ride.
On the topic of the micronation, Iridia, which I visited today, there are now five members, up from about three last Thursday. I have stated my intention to work on the Iridian conlang, which I will do after my GCSE exams ( hopefully). If I can, I shall try to make it as original as possible and maybe it should look naturalistic. I was thinking about doing a verb system similar to Japanese, which expresses positivity and negativity. Also, maybe I could conjugate verbs according to the object, rather than according to the subject ( if that is possible).
I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog; in the future, I moight publish some poems, which I wrote before. I also realised that I used the wrong word for 'to live' in Esperanto; I used vivas instead of logxas.

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