Sunday, August 26, 2007

My GCSE results

I did my GCSE's last Thursday and here are my results:
English literature- B
History- A
Maths- A
English language- A*
Geography- A*
Double science- A* A*
French- A*
German- A*
R.E.- A* ( withjin the top five marks in the country ( not the top five)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The window open. Howling wind
that moves great trees like dancing ghosts
which sway their feathery, green and finned
inhuman hand which waves and boasts
its godlike strength which crashes rocks
and smashes cliffs and fences' posts
of houses owned by apes. It mocks
to think their global lordship's safety's not in guns or locks.
I see through glass a great green tree
with hand-like leaves with claw-like ends,
who seem to point as though at me,
a human being, who yet not mends
his greedy deadly sins, which sends
a land of men to war, to fight
to kill the man who walks, who wends
across the land to take by might
the thing he owns by painful birth- the ancient right.

An attempt at a Spenserian

I pick the bat up swinging at a ball
whose chord of safety snaps like human skin.
The little head jumps out across the wall
and lands inside a dark red painted tin.
Away from mother- scared, the faith is thin.
The swingball pole has no more ball to bear.
The game is lost- there's no-one who can win,
but that is not the greatest single care,
for now to jump across the neighbours' fence we dare.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Birmingham

At the moment I'm in Birmingham, visiting family. I am with my mum and two sisters and we are staying in a hotel called Hotel Britannia, which is quite good. We went to Stratford Upon Avon with my aunt, cousin and second cousin. We had quite a few sweets and an ice cream each. Then, we went on a short ferry ride.
On the topic of the micronation, Iridia, which I visited today, there are now five members, up from about three last Thursday. I have stated my intention to work on the Iridian conlang, which I will do after my GCSE exams ( hopefully). If I can, I shall try to make it as original as possible and maybe it should look naturalistic. I was thinking about doing a verb system similar to Japanese, which expresses positivity and negativity. Also, maybe I could conjugate verbs according to the object, rather than according to the subject ( if that is possible).
I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog; in the future, I moight publish some poems, which I wrote before. I also realised that I used the wrong word for 'to live' in Esperanto; I used vivas instead of logxas.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ce que je fais

Je suis désolé que je n'aie rien écrit depuis beaucoup de mois, mais il y a beaucoup de choses, que j'ai du faire. Mes deux soeurs ont eu leurs anniversaires; une d'abord du mois et une au fin du mois. Une avait six ans l'autre avait quatorze ans.
Au moment, je suis aux vacances, mais bientôt, je devrais passer mes examens, qui s'appellent GCSEs. Aussi, il y a deux jours, j'ai joint une micronation, qui s'appelle Iridia. Visitez Je pense en devenir ministre du langue parce que on doit créer un langue construit et, comme on peut voir par mon "blog", je m'intéresse pour langues. Si vous joignez ce micronation ci, vous pourriez avoir un job du pouvoir.

These weeks

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but it's been a busy few months; I haven't had time to write in my diary either. At the start of March my youngest sister was six and my other sister, who is younger then I am, was fourteen at the end of March. on that day, I went on a maths trip, which my maths teacher organised. It was about maths in the el world and the talk was done by someone called Stephen Shepherd ( I think). the surname was definitely Shepherd. He did Maths, further maths, chemistry, physics and biology at university and now designs buildings, such as the Emirates stadium.
two days ago, I joined Iridia, a micronation. It needs citizens, so maybe you could join it. I might try to become the minister of language, as you have to design a conlang and I'm nterested in languages. Its website is:
On the topic of languages. I have had my first go at translation, as I had to translate a German manual into English for my Granddad's neighbours. I hope that I have done it well.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Im Augenblick habe ich viele Kursarbeit- zu viel. Meine Lehrer haben mir Mathematik, Biologie Deutsch, Geschichte und Englisch Kursarbeit zu tun. Jetzt schreibe ich Geschichte Kursarbeit, die ueber die Probleme in Nordirland ist. Ich mache es, bevor meine Tante kommt und soll es nun machen.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Mia nomo estas Jake kaj mi logxas en Ashford , kiu estas en anglio. Mi estas deksesjaraĝulo kaj mi studas por testo, kiu nomiĝas GCSE. GCSE estas la testo, kiun anglaj deksesjaraĝuloj faras.
Mi studas anglan lingvon kaj literaturon, historion, geografion, francan, germanan, religion, matematikon kaj sciencon duoblan ( kemion, fizikon kaj biologion).
En lingvoj multaj ŝatas legi mi. kelkfoje lernas mi esperanton. Mi uzas Esperanton vivan. Mi estas skolto esplora ( explorer scout angle), kaj mi ankaû estas juma gvidanto, kaj mi helpas al skoltoj, kiuj estas pli jumaj ol mi.

My coursework

At the moment, I have a lot of coursework. I have English, German, Biology, Mathematics and History coursework. Today I have been doing history coursework. I find it very difficult to start writing it. It is about the causes of The Troubles in 1969. I have six sources, which I must analyse to answer this question. I must also use my own knowledge. I hope to get an A* in this coursework ( the highest grade), as I got either full marks or almost full marks in my coursework before this, which was about castles. I thought that was quite fun, because we got to go to Dover castle and Deal castle. I thought Dover castle was amazing, as it is so old, and as it is the biggest castle of the world. It is a real icon of England, I believe; one sees it as one approaches England from Calais, if travelling by sea.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Guten Tag. Ich heisse Jake und ich bin sechszehn Jahre alt. Ich wohne in einer Stadt namens Ashford, die in Sudostengland ist.
Weil ich Schueler bin studiere ich fuer GCSE (die englische Pruefung, die sechszehnjaehrige passieren). Meine Unterrichten sind Deutsch , Franzoesisch, Englisch (Sprache und Literatur), Doppelwissenschaft ( Physik, Chemie und Biologie), Geschichte, Erdkunde, Mathematik, Religion und Informatik.
Jeden Mittwoch lerne ich Japanisch in meinem Gymnasium. Ich finde es ein bisschen schwierig, weil ich nur seit einem Jahr und drei Monaten Japanisch lerne.
Ich bin ein Pfadfinder (tatsaechlich "Explorer Scout") und ich bin seit letzen Sommer junger Leiter fuer Pfadfinder von elf bis vierzehn Jahre.
Manchmal lerne ich Esperanto.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Bonjour, je m'appelle Jake Pentland et j'habite en Angleterre dans un ville, qui s'appelle Ashford. J'ai seize ans, et j'ai décidé de creer un blog, parce que je ne peux pas utiliser mon blog dernier. Je pense, que c'est, parce que je ne l'utilise pas depuis beaucoup de mois.
Car je n'ai que 16 ans, je suis étudiant á l'école. Pour GCSE (l'examen en le royaume uni) j'étudie français, allemand, langue et literature du langue anglais, géographie, histoire, biologie, physique, religion et informatique.
Je suis scout et je suis chef jeune, pour scouts, qui sont plus jeune que moi.
J'attend japonais à l'école un fois par semaine depuis octobre 2005. Aussi, temps du temps j'apprends de l'esperanto.
Est-ce-que vous pouvez comprendre mon français? J'apprends français (et allemand) depuis environ quatre années et trois mois.


Hello, My name is Jake Pentland and I am sixteen years old at the moment. I have two sisters and we have one cat and my sisters have one gerbil (sadly, the other gerbil was killed yesterday by our cat). I am studying several subjects for GCSE, which include French, German, English language and literature, mathematics, double science ( biology, chemistry and physics), history, geography and R.E. (religious education).
I don't have any real hobbies, but I have spent a lot of time learning French and German, and I have been learning Japanese for a year in an after school club. I also am an explorer scout and I have been a young leader for scouts since about June or July.
I wanted to do this blog, because I had done another one under a similar name, but I couldn't acces it easily and as I hadn't added anything to it for a while.