Sunday, July 20, 2008


I think that we need to doubt everything that we have been told and look at the world through eyes fresh with the clarity of open-mindedness to solve the problems with which we are now burdened.
Firstly I think we should question the identity of our society, as for so long now, we have been told that we are living in a democracy, despite the fact that those over the age of eighteen get a handful of votes across several years to democratically decide what should be done. Maybe this is democracy and it is the best that we can come up with. However, I do not think that this is necessarily true. If we were truly a democracy, would every member of our society not have a voice in what happens, which consequently would necessitate the decentralisation of the government, so that small communities could govern themselves.
Therefore, I think we should stop acting like consumers who choose from our favourite governmental products and claim our freedom, by becoming democratic citizens. I hope that you think about this yourself and don't listen to me or anyone else, so that you can form your own opinion, for I may be entirely wrong.

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