Friday, January 19, 2007


Hello, My name is Jake Pentland and I am sixteen years old at the moment. I have two sisters and we have one cat and my sisters have one gerbil (sadly, the other gerbil was killed yesterday by our cat). I am studying several subjects for GCSE, which include French, German, English language and literature, mathematics, double science ( biology, chemistry and physics), history, geography and R.E. (religious education).
I don't have any real hobbies, but I have spent a lot of time learning French and German, and I have been learning Japanese for a year in an after school club. I also am an explorer scout and I have been a young leader for scouts since about June or July.
I wanted to do this blog, because I had done another one under a similar name, but I couldn't acces it easily and as I hadn't added anything to it for a while.

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